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Information about Personal Information Processing Policy
Soongsil University (hereinafter referred to as "the school") complies with the personal information protection regulations of related laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law, and the personal information processing policy is as follows
Article 1 Purpose of Processing Personal Information
We process personal information for the following purposes: The processed personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes. If the purpose of use is changed, we will implement necessary measures such as receiving consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
1. Service Provision
We process personal information for the purpose of providing various services such as news and news of our school, certification, certificate issuance, and admission information.

2. Membership and Management
We provide personal information for the purpose of identification, preservation of records for dispute settlement, handling of complaints, and notification of announcements, etc. in connection with the use of services such as entrance examinations, academic affairs, student affairs, books, teaching and learning support, research, etc.
Article 2 Processing and Retention of Personal Information
We handle and keep personal information within the period of holding and using personal information according to laws and regulations, or during the period of using or using personal information agreed upon when collecting personal information from information subject.
The processing purpose, retention period, and personal information items of the personal information file handled by the school can be viewed as follows,
Personal information privacy at the comprehensive support portal ( → Request to view personal information → Search for personal information file list → After entering “Soongsil University” in the institution name, you can inquire.
Article 3 Third party provision of personal information
We will process personal information of the informationsubject within the scope specified for the purpose of collection and use, and will not process or provide to third parties beyond the original purpose without the prior consent of the subject, except as follows.
Introduction of the university on the website( of this school → Soongsil Information → Personal Information Status: Use outside purpose and provide third parties You can inquire in the menu.
Article 4 Consignment of Personal Information Processing
This school consigns personal information processing for smooth handling of personal information.
You can inquire on the website( → Soongsil Talk Office → Personal Information Protection Bulletin → Personal Information Consignment menu.
Article 5 Items on the rights and duties of the informant and the legal representative and the method of its exercise
The principal of the information may exercise the right of privacy of the school at any time with respect to the school
1. Personal Information Request
The personal information file that we hold in our school can request the personal information of the asset according to Article 35 (reading of personal information) of personal information protection law. However, requests for personal information viewing may be restricted pursuant to Article 35 (4) of the same Act as follows.
  • Access is prohibited or restricted by law;
  • If there is a risk of harming another person's life or body, or an unjustifiable violation of another person's property and other interests;
  • If the public agency causes serious disruption when performing any of the following tasks:
    - Duties of levying, collection or refund of tax
    - schools established under the 「Elementary and Secondary Education Act」 and 「Higher Education Act」, lifelong education facilities according to 「Lifelong Education Act」 and other laws Matters relating to grading in higher education institutions or selection of enrollees
    - Examination of qualification, function and recruitment, qualification examination work
    - On-going evaluation or judgment on compensation, benefit calculation, etc.
    - Audit and investigation work in progress under other laws

2. Personal Information Correction / Deletion Request
The personal information file which we hold in the school may demand correction and deletion according to Article 36 (correction, deletion of personal information) of "Personal Information Protection Act". However, if other personal information is specified in the other laws and regulations, it cannot be requested to be deleted.

3. Request for suspension of personal information processing
The personal information file we hold at our school may be suspended pursuant to Article 37 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 (suspension of processing of personal information, etc.). However, when requesting to stop personal information processing, a request to stop processing may be rejected pursuant to Article 37 (2) of the Act.
  • If there is a special provision in the law or it is inevitable to comply with statutory obligations
  • If there is a risk of harming another person's life or body, or there is a risk of unjustly infringing the property or other interests of another person
  • If the public agency does not process personal information, it cannot perform the duties prescribed by other laws.
  • If the information is not processed, it is difficult to fulfill the contract, such as failure to provide the information subject and the agreed service. If the information entity does not clearly indicate the intention to terminate the contract

4. Personal information access, correction, deletion, and suspension of processing rights (bill) method
The right to access, correct, delete, and suspend the information subject's personal information can be claimed through the form No.8 of the Personal Information Protection Act or by visiting this school for personal verification procedures.
  • Information subject identification procedure
    • ① Submit a certificate to prove identity if you are the person who is the information (It is authorized by the administrative agency, such as resident registration card and driver's license, and cannot easily be tampered with or stolen.)
    • ② Submit a document that can prove the legal representative in the case of a legal representative of an information subject
    • ③ Those entrusted with information shall submit certificates to confirm their identity, including letters of attorney and resident registration cards of delegates and representatives, in accordance with the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act No. 11.

5. Disclaimer (disclaimer) method for personal information access, correction deletion, restriction of processing stop and refusal
In case of any limitation or refusal by the school of any inquiry about the personal information of the information subject, the correction, deletion, or suspension of the processing, the applicant shall inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for objection such as "administrative appeal" or "administrative appeal". For more information about administrative review, please visit the website of the Central Administrative Advisory Committee (
Article 6 Destruction of Personal Information
In principle, we will destroy personal information without delay when the period of preservation of personal information has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved. However, this may not be the case if it should be preserved in accordance with other laws and regulations. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows.

1. Destruction Procedure
The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after completion of the purpose (separate documents for paper) and is stored or temporarily destroyed after a certain period of time according to internal policies and other related laws. At this time, the personal information transferred to DB will not be used for other purposes unless it is under the law.

2. Destruction Period
In the event the period of retention of personal information has elapsed, within 5 days from the end of the retention period, the personal information of the user will be deleted if the personal information is no longer required, such as accomplishing the purpose of processing personal information, We destroy the personal information within five days from day when processing of information is recognized as unnecessary.

3. Destruction Method
Information in the form of electronic files is a technical method that cannot reproduce records, and personal information printed on paper is destroyed by crushing or incineration.

Article 7 Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information
In accordance with Article 29 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, the school takes the administrative, technical and physical measures necessary for ensuring safety as follows.

1. Minimize and train personnel handling personal information
Employees who deal with personal information are designated and limited to the person in charge, and measures are taken to minimize personal information.

2. Regular Self-Inspection
We regularly check the status of personal information handling to ensure stability.

3. Establishing and implementing an internal management plan
We have established and implemented an internal management plan for the safe handling of personal information.

4. Encryption of Personal Information
User's personal information is encrypted and stored and managed. Only the user can know the password. Important data is protected by a separate security function such as encrypting the file and transmission data or using the file lock function.

5. Technical measures against hacking, etc.
In order to prevent leakage and damage of personal information caused by hacking or computer virus, we install security program, periodically update and check, install system in outside controlled area and technically / physically monitor and block.

6. Restrict access to personal information
We take necessary measures to control access to personal information through the granting, modification and cancellation of access to the database system that handles personal information. We also control unauthorized access from outside by using an intrusion prevention system.

7. Storage of access records and prevention of forgery
We keep and manage the records of access to the personal information processing system for at least six months and use the security function to prevent forgery, theft or loss of access records.

8. Using a lock for document security
Documents containing personal information and auxiliary storage media are kept in a safe place with lock.

9. Access control to non-authorized persons
Separate physical storage places where personal information is stored and access control procedures are established and operated.

Article 8 Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection
In order to protect personal information and to deal with complaints related to personal information, we have designated the person in charge of personal information protection and person in charge as follows (Personal Information Protection Officer pursuant to Article 31 (1) of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」)

1. Personal information protection officer, general personal information manager and personal information person

옆으로 스크롤하시면 전체 내용을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Category Personal Information Protection Officer General Personal Information Manager Personal Information Officer
Department Vice President’s Office Informatization Team
Position Deputy Dean Director of Knowledge Information Head of Information Technology Team
Name Jeon, Kyu-Ahn Lee, Jung-Hyun Jung, Yeon-Min
Telephone - - 02-820-0791
E-mail - -

2. Director and Personal Information Manager
In order to enhance the security of personal information, we designate the head of the department, university (won), other institutions and research institutes handling the personal information as the department heads, Designate the chapter as a personal information manager
Article 9 Viewing, correction, deletion of personal information, suspension of processing
1. The information subject can request the reading of personal information pursuant to Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act to the following department. We will endeavor to promptly process personal information inquiries of information subjects.

옆으로 스크롤하시면 전체 내용을 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Category Personal information reading request reception desk, processing department
Faculty Members - Department : Faculty of Education
- Manager : Head of Education Team
- Contact : 02-820-0141, E-mail(, FAX(02-815-6136)
Students - Department : Academic Affairs Team
- Manager : Head of Academic Affairs Team
- Contact : 02-820-0151, E-mail(, FAX(02-815-9998)
- Department : Student Services Student Services Team
- Manager : Student Services Team
- Contact : 02-820-0161, E-mail(, FAX(02-828-7069)
(Lifelong Education Center)
- Department : Lifelong Education Center
- Manager : Head of Lifelong Education Center
- Contact : 02-820-0279, E-mail(, FAX(02-815-9998)
Employees and Outsiders - Department : Secretariat General Affairs Personnel Team
- Manager : General affairs personnel team leader
- Contact : 02-820-0171, E-mail(, FAX(02-816-1513)

※ Personal information viewing, correction, deletion, processing suspension request procedure
- Procedure for requesting access to personal

- Personal information correction, deletion, processing suspension request procedure

2. In addition to the processing department, the information subject can also request personal information through the website '' of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security 'Comprehensive Support for Personal Information Protection Portal'.
Article 10 Infringement Remedies
In order to receive relief from personal information infringement, the personal information subject can apply for dispute resolution or consultation to the Korea Information Service Agency's Personal Information Infringement Notification Center.
  • Privacy Complaints Center
    - Website :
    - Telephone : (without an area code) 118
  • Personal Information Dispute Resolution Committee
    - Website :
    - Telephone : 02-2100-2499
  • Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cyber Crime Division
    - Website :
    - Telephone : 02-3480-2000
  • National Policy Agency Cyber Terror Response
    - Website:
    - Telephone: 02-1566-0112
Article 11 Matters concerning the operation of the installation and its rejection of devices that automatically collect personal information
1. The Purpose of the Use of Cookies
In order to provide personalized services, we use "cookies" that store and retrieve information about our users from time to time. A cookie is a small amount of information that a website server sends to a user's browser and is stored on the user's computer's hard disk. We can provide specific, customized services that are only possible through the use of cookies. We may use cookies to identify members and to maintain their login status.

2. Installing / Operating and Denying Cookies
  • You have the option of installing cookies. Therefore, you can allow or deny all cookies by adjusting the options in your web browser, or you can have your cookies checked every time they are saved.
  • Here's how to specify whether to allow cookies to be installed (for Internet Explorer):
    - Select [Internet Options] from the [Tools] menu.
    - Click [Privacy tab].
    - You may set [Privacy Level].
  • If you refuse to store cookies, some services provided by OOO may be difficult to use, such as personalized services.
Article 12 Change of Personal Information Processing Policy
This personal information processing policy will be applied from the effective date, and if there are additions, deletions and corrections of the changes according to laws and policies, we will notify them through announcements 7 days before the change.

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